Glock G22/G17 Gen4


Glock G22/G17 Gen4


Glock 22, Gen 4 with G17 Conversion Kit so you get a .40 and a 9mm pistol for the price of one. Having a hard time finding ammo? Now you have 2 choices for one gun. Don’t let some of the cosmetics fool you, this pistol has been tested and fired with the .40 barrel and the new 9mm barrel, and everything works. Package comes with the following: Pistol as pictured 3 Glock .40SW Mags, 15rds 3 New ETS 9mm Mags, 17rds 1 New RSU Stainless Steal 9mm conversion barrel

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Glock G22/G17 Gen4 Used .40SW or 9mm

Glock G17/G22 Gen 4, 9mm, .40SW
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