How do I know if I can make an offer on a gun?

To make an offer, simply click the “Make an Offer” button on a used gun listing if it appears. Then, enter the amount you’d like to offer and click submit. The seller will then have 24 hours to consider your offer (and any others they may have received on that gun) and either accept, decline, or make a counteroffer. If they make a counteroffer, you will have the opportunity to accept or decline. You will only be allowed to make a single counteroffer, after which you will not be allowed to negotiate on that item for 30 days.

Can I make an offer different than the listed price on a gun?

Yes, you can make an offer on many used guns listed on the site. Oftentimes Guns.com is willing to take a reduced price from an interested customer.

Can I make an offer on new gun?

No, you can only make an offer on used guns. New gun pricing is often controlled by the Manufacturer, so we are unable to accept offers.

How much should I offer?

If you make an offer less than 70% of the retail price, you will be automatically rejected, as most sellers have a minimum amount they are willing to sell the gun for. The majority of accepted offers fall in the 80-95% range, but remember that it is up to each seller to decide how much they are willing to accept for any gun.

How do I purchase a gun I’ve made an offer on?

Once you’ve reached an agreement on the price of a gun, it will be added to your shopping cart. You will still need to checkout to buy the gun. Until you do so, others may come in and buy it at a higher price.

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